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About Dr. Lindemann

Rural Doc Alan, Dr. Lindemann, is a retired OB-GYN with 40 years of experience, mostly in rural North Dakota. He witnessed corporate medicine erode patient care and believes this contributes to the high U.S. maternal mortality rate.

Driven by his success (zero maternal deaths, eclampsia, or strokes in 6,000 deliveries), Dr. Lindemann now empowers women. He believes they hold 95% of the control in pregnancy and teaches them to make informed choices for safe births.

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Alan's Story

Dr. Lindemann is an obstetrician with 4 decades of obstetrical practice, mostly in North Dakota, including some very rural areas of the state. He is currently retired and lives in a county with a population of 2 people per square mile. So his branding as Rural Doc Alan is not just window dressing.

He is retired from practice, but as many physicians do, move on to another career when they are no longer seeing patients. Dr. Lindemann has always been concerned about the high maternal mortality rate in the U.S.  He has delivered over 6000 babies with no maternal mortalities, no mothers with eclampsia, and no mothers with strokes. He believes he has a good understanding of why this rate is so high. He believes 95 percent of the time women can choose their outcomes in pregnancy and delivery. He has made it his mission to teach women and their families what they need to know about how to make choices which support safe pregnancy.

Dr. Lindemann has watched corporate medicine take medical decisions out of the hands of physicians. Thirty years ago he recognized the damage this does to healthcare and wrote about it in his book Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know, He continues to write about the destruction of the patient/physician relationship by corporate medicine, insurance companies, managed care, and Medicaid and Medicare and how this has caused a catastrophic increase in the U.S. maternal mortality rate in his Substack posts.

In his latest book, Pregnancy Your Way: Have a Safe and Happy Birth, Dr. Lindemann has provided women with the kind of information they used to get in their visits with their physician. Today, the time a physician needs to spend with a patient to develop a trusting relationship has disappeared from corporate medicine. Today is is not unusual for a laboring woman to be working with a doctor she’s never seen before. It’s this personal relationship of trust, Dr. Lindemann believes, which has driven the U.S. maternal mortality rate through the roof.

On Dr. Lindemann’s landing page,, you will find a links to all his online interviews, blog posts, podcasts, courses and writing, including his online press kit.


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